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Pet Friendly Houseboats

Pet friendly houseboat holiday Murray RiverA dog friendly holiday on the water is a great idea!

You and your furry friend can enjoy activities like swimming, boating, and walks together on the river banks. There are plenty of outdoor spaces to roam and easy access to the shore for walks and exploring.

You are *welcome to bring them along with you on the following boats.

Our aim is to provide the best experience possible for both you and your furry family members. Not all animals enjoy floating accommodation, and this can reduce your enjoyment of your holiday.

Here are some top tips for holidaying with your dog during your All Seasons Houseboat holiday:

  1. Make sure your dog is comfortable around water before your trip.
  2. Bring their favourite, portable water bowl and familiar bedding.
  3. Even if you don’t plan on them going swimming, bring a life jacket for your dog and make sure the are familiar with it beforehand.
  4. Be aware of currents when swimming with your dog.
  5. Bring a towel to dry off your dog after swimming.
  6. Be respectful of others when on the river bank and clean up after your dog.
  7. Consider keeping your dog leashed when on the river bank to minimise wildlife disturbance.
  8. Bring enough dog food and treats for the trip.
  9. Keep your dog’s vaccinations up to date.

*Terms & Conditions:

  1. Pets must be declared upon booking and are only allowed on specific houseboats.
  2. Maximum of one pet per boat at any one time.
  3. The deck designs on our boats gives space for your dog to stretch their legs and expel some energy outside.
  4. We understand that your pet is a big part of your family life. Please note a $30 pet / per day fee applies to all pet bookings.
  5. Ensure your pet is leashed whilst outside on the river banks and please clean up after your dog.
  6. You will need to bring all your pet’s requirements, as no furry friends’ needs are the same.
  7. Also, we are sure that you will understand that no pets are allowed on houseboat furniture or beds. We reserve the right to charge for any additional cleaning and damages caused by fur, mud etc.
  8. If you need a pet-sitter, there are several good pet motels in the Mildura region.
  9. If you have a service/support animal, please notify us on enquiry or booking. You will need to forward the appropriate paperwork at least 8 weeks prior to boarding. If the boat you are sailing on is not pet friendly and paperwork is not available, we will not accept your pet.

For further information on booking a pet friendly houseboat, please give us a call.